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  • Commercial Aquaculture – Businesses will benefit from our expertise including species selection, site selection, feasibility analyses, business planning, system design, construction assistance, commissioning and marketing.

  • Regional Development – Aquaculture can be an important contributor to regional economies and to food security.  We can assist with pilot feasibility projects that, if successful, can be expanded into profitable businesses.

  • Public Aquaculture – Projects such as population enhancement and shellfish and habitat restoration are usually funded with public sources. Our public and private sector experience can increase the success of these projects.

Planning & Analysis – collaborative, team-driven approach to develop projects, manage costs and minimize risk. Based on extensive experience with advanced aquaculture technologies, HTH provides a full range of services. These include feasibility studies, site surveys, value chain assessments, and development of cost models and business plans. Feasibility studies address species, technology, infrastructure and the environment. Site surveys focus on suitability for intended purpose and water resource quality and availability. Comparative analyses show effects of growth rates, feed conversion rates and resource costs on production costs. Assessments of existing facilities focus on opportunities for management, technology and cost improvements.
Design & Construction – clear, concise project solutions – on time, on budget. HTH provides comprehensive design development services tailored to match the client’s project needs, budget and schedule. Design services can include development of detailed drawings and technical specifications for competitive bidding. Or, the design effort can support the engagement of design-build and specialty installation resources to quickly deliver high quality, cost efficient, production systems and facilities. For existing facilities, retrofit design provides for staged construction to minimize the impact on production throughput and other ongoing operations. Our project  managers and coordinators are experienced with delivering completed projects in challenging locations around the world.
Field Services - from concept to construction to startup and operation, HTH becomes an integral part of the Project Team. And, as a powerful advocate for the mission and objectives of the project developer and owner-operator. Our field service capabilities include site selection reviews and water resource analysis. For existing facilities these include facility condition assessments, production process reviews, troubleshooting, and biosecurity and fish health assessments. To increase production we can establish and update genetics and nutrition programs. HTH brings forth decades of hands-on experience during on-site construction reviews; system startup, testing, adjustment and training; operations and maintenance planning; and sustained facility operations.
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