HTH principals bring forth more than 40 years of relevant international experience. Our principals and associates are well known for providing exceptional aquaculture planning, design and consulting services. We are active in the Aquacultural Engineering Society, European Aquaculture Society, International Conference on Recirculating Aquaculture, Nordic RAS Workshop, World Aquaculture Society and other technical organizations.

HTH provides practical, experienced-based technical services for small, medium and large aquaculture systems. This includes R&D prototypes, demonstration and training scale systems, as well as large scale commercial production systems. Our approach to project solutions incorporates the benefits of our extensive experience and capability to deliver high quality aquaculture systems and facilities.

Starting in 2018, we have formed a new company, HTH aquaMetrics llc to focus on Aquaculture Assessments, Life Cycle and Energy Management Assessments, Total Qualify Environmental Management, and Due Diligence reviews. Mr. Hundley has been an advocate and practitioner in these areas for more than 40 years. Our newest principal, Dr. Maddi Badiola has worked for 10 years and recently achieved her PhD. with a specialty in these areas.

Paul L. Hundley, Jr.
Aquaculture Systems & Facilities - With degrees in Mechanical and Ocean Engineering, Hundley has more than 40 years of hydro-mechanical systems and facilities planning & design experience. He works with both marine & freshwater species in batch, flow-thru, recirculating & open water systems.
HTH aqua group
Maddi Badiola
RAS Life Cycle and Energy Management Assessments - With degrees in Agronomy and Aquacultural Engineering, Badiola has focused on the application of energy management and sustainable aquaculture practices. Her specialty is Life Cycle Assessments and Energy Audits for recirculating system improvement.